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Welcome to the pet's medical record web portal Petbook!

The Petbook has created for both, veterinarians as their electronic working environment and for pet owners as the portal where they can obtain and save an information about their pets' health. So far there was missing an unified electronic system of medical records in Estonia, so the Petbook gives an opportunity to create, monitor and if necessary, transmit, the patients electronic medical records. The Petbook is an Internet-based online program and it has different sections. Medical records and data entrys can be created by veterinarians registered on the Petbook. Instead of using paper cards, the veterinarians now have an opportunity to save information about patient's health along with additional materials, such as blood tests, X-rays, photos into one electronic environment. As the veterinarians sometimes need to exchange patients' healt information, the Petbook allows another veterinarians, with the consent of the parties, to appropriately access a patient's electronic medical history.

On the Petbook the pet owner can fulfill his/her personal data and pet's data, also track at any time or recall the procedures done to the pet by the veterinarian.

The pet owner can choose, which clinics registered on the Petbook may see and use the medical records of the pet. The portal with data saved in it, is carefully secured, an user account is required. An account can be created similarly to the pet clinic's system used so far, but the data instead of using paper card is added to the Petbook and pet owner can check out later his/her pet's electronic medical records via Internet. Every pet owner can create an account at home, which helps to save time in the clinic, so the veterinarian will enter only the data related to the pet's medical records.

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